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5.56 Nickel Tipped Nickel Bullet & Black Link Belt

80's Metal

Our Genuine Bullet Belts are made from inert 5.56 rounds as used in the SA80 and M16 Assault Rifles by NATO Forces.

Each bullet is smaller at 2 1/4 inches (59mm) tall with a 3/8 inch (10mm) diameter base, making it perfect for all Rock Goddess's or anyone just wanting a lighter, more versatile belt with more bullets. Each bullet is completely safe and comes with it's tip re-attached. 

Our belts come in 17 different lengths and to ensure a good fit please measure around your waist and add 5 inches. All the links unclip, so shortening is easy and if you'd like an even longer one just email us with the length you require and we'll add some extra links and bullets for you.

UK & US Delivery from £8.99  -  EU £23.99  -  Worldwide £39.99

Individual inert 5.56 Nickel Tipped Nickel Bullets with Black Links can also be purchased. Please email us at sales@newrockbristol.co.uk with the number you require.  

Review - "Great belt, the black on nickel really makes you stand out " - CB, Amsterdam

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