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From the 80's heyday of LA's Sunset Strip to modern day Heavy Metal, New Rock have a perfect style for everyone. Made exclusively in New Rocks own factory in Spain, they feature specialist leathers, blake construction, integral stitching, custom adornments and off course, their trademark metal heels.

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                        SUNSET STRIP


                          HEAVY METAL


                      BEVERLEY HILLS


                      METAL GODDESS

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We Just Love Heavy Metal !!!!

And if you do too, then here at 80's Metal New Rock Bristol we've got everything you need. From Leather Jackets, Denim Cut-offs, Tshirts and Jeans, right through to real Bullet Belts, Jewellery and the very latest New Rock boots and shoes. So whatever your age, stop making excuses, Join Us! 'Live The Dream' and in the words of one of our favourite bands, AC/DC 'Let There Be Rock!'