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Metal Hammer Magazine - May 2024

80's Metal

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In this issue, we head to Los Angeles for an exclusive audience with Tool’s Maynard James Keenan and Adam Jones, to uncover the inner workings of one of metal’s most mysterious bands.

Elsewhere in the mag, we celebrate the imminent live return of Slayerrrrr by taking a trip back to their earliest days, from Show No Mercy to Hell Awaits, and Avenged Sevenfold take us inside their first-ever VR gig – giant Deathbats and flaming walls, anyone? Volbeat/Asinhell’s Michael Poulsen gives us his life lessons, featuring the influence of Elvis and breakdancing, while Kittie tell us how the nu metal resurgence has fuelled their comeback.

Meanwhile, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda reveals the songs that changed his life and impacted on Hybrid Theory, New York alt metallers Helmet remember the making of their most successful song, Milquetoast, and we speak to John Romero about the influence of his iconic game Doom – as well as uncovering the 20 Most Metal Videogames of all time.

Chelsea Wolfe answers your burning questions on witchcraft, Peter Steele and, um, llamas, and we hit the studio with Vended as they emerge from the shadow of their dads in Slipknot.

We also chat to genre-blurring Dutch metallers Dool about identity and activism, and go ice skating with cold-obsessed - but surprisingly warm-hearted - Texan death metallers Frozen Soul.

All this, plus all the essential news and reviews from the world of metal!

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