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Classic Rock Magazine - October 2019

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This issue’s cover story is 50 Years Of Heavy Metal: The Story So Far. We look at some of the main movers and shakers, from its early inventors to current champions pushing it forward, who helped take metal from the underground to the masses. Including…

Black Sabbath: as Earth they were going nowhere. Then they chanced on three notes once branded ‘the devil’s interval’, changed their name, and changed everything.
Iron Maiden: as the 1980s dawned, they were about to record their debut album. It was the start of a journey that would launch them into the stratosphere. But there were some massive hurdles to overcome first.
Metallica: from his stubborn individuality to his taste in music, their late bass player Cliff Burton was a true one-off. This is his story.

Slayer: one of thrash metal’s Big Four, and, more than 30 years on, their iconic Reign In Blood album stands as a benchmark for what heavy metal can and should be.
Rammstein: over the past 25 years the German metallers have defied conventional wisdom and become superstars. 

Plus…The Ultimate Heavy Metal Playlist – half a century’s worth of pioneering heavy music, from the classics to the contemporary hard-hitters.

Elsewhere, Thunder’s Danny Bowes and Luke Morley submit to The Classic Rock Interview. Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen looks back on a life of hard graft and triumph over adversity. In the 70s, guitarist Robin Trower made his classic album Bridge Of Sighs with Jim Dewar. Today he continues to head up his power trio and shows no sign of slowing down. Kris Barras gave up cage fighting to become a rock star, now, armed with a new album, he is making good on that promise. 

All this plus our regular features, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iggy Pop, Black Star Riders, and the biggest rock reviews section on the planet.

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