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Classic Rock Magazine - February 2020

80's Metal

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This issue’s cover stars are The Doors. With their frontman on a downward spiral and threatening to take the rest of the band with him, it was decided that the best thing to do was get back in the studio. Against the odds, they came out with one of their greatest albums: Morrison Hotel.

Other features include…

Alice Cooper: how a garage band from Phoenix with stars in their eyes moved to LA, and the story of their album Easy Action.
Corky Laing: like most young budding rock musicians, he had a dream. Unlike most, his came true, as he steadily scaled the rock’n’roll mountain and made it to the very top.

Band Of Gypsys: in January 1970, Jimi Hendrix pulled the plug on stardom to chase a funkier, freer direction. His short-lived new trio also helped redefine the nature of the rock gig.

How psychedelic outlaws the Flying Burrito Brothers mixed rock with country, and in the process paved the way for the Eagles and more.

Suzi Quatro could have ended up a classical pianist, but then one day she picked up a bass guitar, and found herself on the road that would lead to her becoming a glam-rock icon.
Glorious Sons: blue-collar poets and shitkicking rockers for the new age, who are on anthemic form with their brilliant new album.

Goth: An Oral History. As punk’s light faded, something new began to stir in the darkness. After goth’s early days as a look/fashion/scene rather than a music genre came some of the greatest music of the 80s. This is its story.

No-Man: Tim Bowness takes us inside the surprising world of the masters of ambient, melancholic alt-rock

The Ones To Watch: our top tips for the coming year (and indeed the decade).

All this plus our regular features, including Argent, Steve Harris, Devin Townsend, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and more...

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