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Our Take On Vince Neil's Actual Gig Belts......

As depicted on the classic 'Too Fast For Love' album cover. Designed to replicate the originals, the Handcuff belt features the essential 3 rows of silversteel 10mm cone studs, set on a 38mm wide black leather belt, fastened with a set of adjustable handcuffs. Whilst the Tattoo Gun belt features 3 rows of silversteel 12mm tall Spikes, on a 38mm wide black leather belt, which fastens with the superb, almost life-sized, alchemy Tattoo Gun buckle. This superb buckle is fully 3-D engineered and sculpted and features an engraved copper-plate scroll and brass rod components with the reverse of the gun being 'tattooed', in typical 'Crue' style. Belt's don't get much faster than this.

UK Delivery from £8.99  - EU & US £18.99  -  Worldwide £29.99

Please note that these belts are designed to be worn around the waist and not passed through standard belt loops.

To get your desired fit, please measure around your waist at the level and angle of how you actually want to wear your belt. This may mean that the belt size you require may be slightly larger than your actual waist size.

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