80's Metal New Rock Bristol

New Rock Motorock & Motorcycle

New Rocks Motorock & Motorcycle Collection Always Gives You The Edge 

Made exclusively in New Rocks own factory in Spain, they feature Natural Leathers, Blake and GY Construction Systems, Integral Stitching, Custom Adornments, Metal Heels, Rubber Soles, Comfort Lasts and Removable Anatomic Insoles.

UK & EU FedEx Delivery from £7.99  -  USA £14.99  -  Worldwide £19.99

New Rock make over 2000 different shoe and boot styles and whilst we endeavour to feature as many of these as possible, if you can't see the style you want, then let us know the information you have and we'll get them for you.

We Just Love Heavy Metal !!!!

And if you do too, then here at 80's Metal New Rock Bristol we've got everything you need from Leather Jackets, Denim Cut-offs, Tshirts and Jeans right through to real Bullet Belts, Jewellery and the very latest New Rock boots and shoes. So whatever your age, stop making excuses, join us, live the dream and in the words of one of our favourite bands, AC/DC 'Let There Be Rock!'