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Beard & Tattoo Care

Beard & Tattoo Care, Rock 'n' Roll Style

From the legendary ZZ Top to the Cadillac Three, we all know a great set of whiskers are just so Rock 'n' Roll. But, just like the hair on your head, to keep them soft, fragrant and itch-free, your man mane does need some TLC, which is where our new range of Oils, Balms and Shampoos come in.

Likewise our range of Tattoo Balms are a great way to soothe and care for your treasured works of art, with their regular use paying dividends in years to come.

So, take a moment to browse our collection and remember as those bearded wonders Billy and Dusty proclaim 'Every Girls Crazy 'Bout A Sharp Dressed Man.'  

UK Delivery from £3.99 - EU £6.49 - USA £9.99 - Worldwide £10.99

If you need any help or assistance please email us at sales@newrockbristol.co.uk

Review - Your Tattoo Balm is brilliant! It's clean, fresh, easy to apply and most importantly it helps heal the piece super fast and well. I now stock it in my studio here in Bedford and recommend it to everyone I can! - JG, Bedford.

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